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little white lie short of being allowed into Heaven?

YOU DON'T GET to write your own performance appraisal
to make sure that lie gets erased before you meet
St. Peter at The Pearly Gates.


Many people go thru life with the belief that they will be allowed into Heaven when they die because they have done more good than evil in their time on Earth.

Could be... Might be... Time to look at your own scorecard and consider the possibilities...

Which scorecard are you going to use? You are not St. Peter. He uses the scorecard that Jesus created. OK...how about the scorecard that Allah made? Maybe Vishnu's will be easier for you to use to get a passing grade.

Go ahead...choose a scorecard...

Now...sit down with it and fill it in. Take some time and do it without deceiving yourself. As the author of these words...I have no stake in the matter...so be honest with yourself!!! Are you done with it? You had better go back and take a second look at it...the implications of you getting it wrong are truly enormous for you!!! I'd sure hate to be in your shoes if I made a boo-boo somewhere and forgot to jot down one little white lie or one little act of kindness that made the difference between passing and failing. They say that your whole life passes before your eyes as your number comes up. It'll then be too late to do anything to tip the scales in your favor. THE GOOD NEWS IS...

It's your lucky day!!!
There IS another option...
...no matter what you've done so far?
Would you be interested?

Then...my friend, you need to use the scorecard that St. Peter uses to evaluate those who show up at The Pearly Gates. That would be the scorecard that Jesus gave him to use...

...I know what you're thinking...

I'll start having to be 'good'...go to church, pray all the time...no more "fun stuff". No more smoking or drinking...no more dirty jokes. No more trips to the casino. How will I EVER pass if I use Jesus' scorecard? My life will be so BORING from here on out that I'd rather enjoy living while I can and take my chances later.

But...are you sure that you are looking at the same scorecard that Jesus and St. Peter use? Have you actually seen and read it for yourself? Or, do you only think that you know its contents from what some preacher, teacher, friend, dude on the radio, or perfect-haired dork on TV said?

The scorecard that St. Peter will use
to see if he will let you into Heaven
when you arrive at The Pearly Gates
has just one Yes/No question on it!!!

And that question is:

Did you accept the full and complete pardon
that Jesus made available to you
while you were yet on Earth?

If you faithfully evaluated the scorecard of your own choosing as I asked you to do, then you know that you either have failed miserably, or...well...maybe you passed...maybe not... BUT, by accepting Jesus' pardon...what's written on that scorecard won't matter...because a pardon means the slate gets wiped clean!!!

If the Governor or the President pardons you for a crime for which you have plead guilty or been convicted...you get to walk free. But, if you mess-up again...you'll be right back where you started from...or worse...

But, the pardon that Jesus is offering to you is even better. It not only covers your past crimes (sins) against GOD...who arranged for the pardon...it also covers the sins that you have not yet committed. Imagine that!!!

Jesus' pardon appears in the pages of the Bible and was originally written in Greek. I don't read Greek. But, I have a good English translation that we can use to go over its terms and conditions so that we can be sure that you fully understand it. Only a fool signs the paper without first reading it...and you're not a fool!!!

Point number 1 is that this pardon is needed by everyone. Romans 3:23 says, "All have sinned and come short of the glory of GOD." You might as well do as I did and plead 'guilty'.

Point number 2 tells us from what it is that we are being pardoned...namely, the consequences of our guilt before GOD. Romans 6:23 begins, "The wages of sin is death..." Hebrews 9:27 adds, "It is appointed for man to die once, and then face the judgment." This judgment is explained in Matthew 25:46, "Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life." It is clear that physical death is not our final outcome...we shall all, in some way, live again. In which group will you be?

The famous text of John 3:16 provides the answer to this question, "For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son...that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." GOD's son is none other than Jesus. And, being GOD in human form, He lived as a human being for a little over 33 years...not committing even the slightest of sins.

Knowing that the consequences of sin is death (Romans 6:23), Jesus then allowed Himself to be killed...dying a sinner's death...on a Roman cross about 2000 years ago. Having died for sins which He did not commit, He is able to go to GOD (the Father) on your behalf with the message, "I, Jesus...who never sinned...have died in the place of this person who has sinned and is seeking entrance into Heaven. Please count my death on his behalf...so that he may be absolved of the eternal punishment due to him for his sins and be allowed to enter into Heaven."

Yes...it truly is THAT SIMPLE!!! Romans 6:23 ends with, "...but the gift of GOD is eternal life thru Christ Jesus."

But...GOD will not give you this marvelous gift unless you ask Him for it. I have asked Him...will you? Look again at John 3:16 and notice that it applies to anyone and everyone who believes. Not just to 'good' people, or only to 'bad' people. It applies to all people...male or female...any race or ethnicity...genius, average intelligence, or idiot...college-educated or high-school drop-out...young or old...the worst murderer, rapist or robber -- or the most saintly among us...homosexual or heterosexual...Republican or Democrat...rich or poor...to everyone!!!

GOD invites everyone to call upon Jesus...and He will turn away nobody who does, as stated in 2 Peter 3:9, "GOD is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

Will you come now? You can't afford to wait until you're 'old' and no longer interested in "enjoying life." If you were to die in a car wreck or plane crash, or get shot dead before you got "old enough to think about death and Jesus"...it would be too late.

So...let's answer your one major objection and consider what you would have to give up to come to Jesus. Almost nothing. Almost nothing at all. Go back and read the scriptures I showed you. All you have to do is believe that Jesus died for your sins. Nowhere does it say that you have to start going to church, or that you must quit being 'bad' and start being 'good'. What you will have to give up is stated in Romans 10:9-11, which begins...If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord"... The question is...who will be the boss of your life? If you were "bossing over it" so well...you wouldn't still be reading this, would you?

But, the LORD Jesus is an easy boss to "work for". Once you come to Jesus...He will give you a new 'wanter'. A 'wanter' is that which makes you want to do or have something. Jesus will make changes in your mind...maybe in an instant...maybe over many years...so that you will want the things that He wants for you to want as well as no longer want things that He doesn't want you to want...a new 'wanter'. And, because you will be wanting to do or have different things than you do at this moment...you will enjoy the 'new' you as much as you enjoy the 'now' you...in fact...even more. (Or...you will start to enjoy 'you' for the first time, if you think that your life as it is...well, to be a bit crass...more or less just sucks!!!)

OK...now you say, "I am ready to accept the pardon that Jesus is offering to me, so that I'll be allowed into Heaven when...whether later today or 100 years from now...I die as all people do. How do I do it?" Just tell Him...He is GOD and He can hear you wherever you are. No special words or rituals are required. Just open your mouth (or say in your mind) and talk to GOD as you would anyone else, and tell Him that you want to go to Heaven when you die but that you know that you are a sinner who will not be allowed into Heaven on your own merits. Tell Him that you understand that the sinless Jesus died in your place and that you accept the pardon for your sins that He arranged on that cross 2000 years ago. Thank Him for it, and tell Him that you are ready to turn your life here on Earth over to Him...and that he may now begin to give you a new 'wanter'.

That's it! If you just told these things to GOD...and meant what you said...you are now a 'real' Christian. Welcome to GOD's family!!!

You should get to know some members of your new Christian family as quickly as you can. They will be so happy to meet you and to help you to understand Jesus better...as He begins to change your 'wanter' to be like His 'wanter'. A good place for you to start meeting-up with your new Christian brothers and sisters is your local church...where the Word Of GOD is boldly proclaimed and the Name of Jesus is lifted up. Don't delay...go and meet some of them today if you can...