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2chron7-14.org exists to promote a revival among GOD's people here in these United States of America. All materials offered herein were created and are directed towards that single goal. We believe that GOD normally orders revival to begin with individual believers, who then have an impact on their local church. When GOD's individual people and His churches experience revival, the community around them will see the fruit of revival in changed lives and new converts. May GOD be pleased to send us revival on a national scale!

2chron7-14.org is a not-for-profit Christian ministry of Dean Koepke of League City, TX, USA. I have been a born-again follower of JESUS Christ since 1996. He is both my LORD and my Savior. Each time I preach, I learn how short of yielding to His lordship I still fall. I believe that The Christian Church in America needs to examine itself to see if we are still "in the faith". Feelings have taken over from doctrine. We have a divorce rate within The Church which is over fifty percent. We happily applaud Hollywood whenever they come out with a movie they tell us is "Christian" or based on the Bible. There is precious little preaching on sin or the costs of becoming a Christian. We are told that everything will be perfect and life will become completely satisfying if only we will "accept JESUS".

GOD's Judgment And His Mercy

I believe GOD has already begun to judge His Church here in America -- and that judgment upon our entire nation may be coming fairly soon. I also believe that if The Church responds with repentance...GOD will, as He has done in the past, spare this nation and revive it for His own Name's sake.

GOD told the Israelites of the Old Testament that they were not to marry into any of the surrounding nations. They did so to their own demise. GOD's church in America has "married" into the world. And, our demise is just as sure. Yes, GOD will always have His Remnant of True Believers who will proclaim His Word. Are you one of them? Is your church one of them?

GOD's judgment of ancient Israel was not swift and certain as we count swift and certain. At the beginning, it was heavy on mercy -- as it is now with us. GOD allowed little things here and there to grow bigger and bigger so that The People could see what life would be like if they continued down their chosen path. They didn't listen: they became two warring nations, and things for each nation got worse and worse, until the end came for the northern kingdom by the hand of the Assyrians, and 100-some years later, the southern kingdom was carried off to Babylon in shame and disgrace.

We are getting a taste of the same: The rise of divorce, homosexuality, dishonesty in business and politics, civil breakdown,... is, to be sure, GOD's judgment for our having tossed Him out of both private and public life and discourse. But, when you look at the rest of the world -- we still have it pretty darn good over here in the Good Ol' U S of A. The corruption in our business and politics is nothing compared to most places. Our civil unrest is still quite sparse and localized. It is evident that GOD still has His Hand Of Mercy on this nation...but, for how much longer?

May GOD Use Me To Start Revival In Your Church?

True revival is not a feeling. It is not getting together and singing "Kumbaya" around a campfire or under a tent. True revival is hard and gut-wrenching. It hurts at the start. It hurts because we must examine ourselves and then take action on what we find. We must ask GOD to let us see the person who looks back at us from the mirror in the morning as He sees that person. True revival begins with repentance...and we all have repenting to do...even this preacher man.

We must each come to understand 2 Chronicles 7:14 as it applies to "me":

If I, who am called by His name, will humble MYSELF, and pray, and seek His face, and turn from MY wicked ways; then will He hear from heaven, and will forgive MY sin, and will heal MY land.
GOD tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:31, "For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged." He doesn't tell us to go around judging everyone else. In fact, He asks in Romans 14:4, "Who art thou that judgest another man's servant?"

I am available to come to speak for a Sunday sermon or a multi-day series of meetings. I am not a "fun" speaker, but, LORD willing, an effective speaker if you would like to see holiness begin in or return to your congregation. I will not come to your people as their judge. I will be their advocate to help them to judge themselves. You may email me at dean@deankoepke.com.

Your Donations To 2chron7-14.org

Any donations you make to us...either outright or by paying above and beyond our asking price for any merchandise offered for sale...should be tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. As such, we will provide you with documentation when you make a donation to us. However, we are NOT a registered 501(c)(3) organization, meaning that you may be asked by the IRS to prove that a donation you declare for tax purposes was a bona fide charitable donation. The receipt for an outright donation will include the following declaration:
Nothing of any monetary value was given in return for this donation.
And, the receipt for a donation made by paying above and beyond our asking price for merchandise will include the following declaration:
Nothing of any value was given in return for the included donation.
With the self-publication of our first book, we have received payment for some...but so far have handed-out for free most of the copies printed thus far. Some of those who've bought books have donated in excess of the list price. Some have paid less than list. Below is a summary financial statement. How do we make use of your donations? For example, our listed prices include Texas sales tax...which we'll be required to pay out-of-pocket when we file each quarter for all sales made in the state of Texas. We've not received any custom print orders, but have printed and distributed some of our tracts and booklets for free, but have not tracked those numbers beyond, "about 200 tracts and 20 booklets...at a cost of a few dollars for materials" -- and so they do not appear in the figures below.

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Operating Statement For 2chron7-14.org

Books Sold: 15
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+ Books On-Hand: + 2

= Total Books Printed: = 64

e-Books Sold: 0
e-Books Given Away: 2

Gross Texas Sales Receipts: $ 147.45
+ Gross Non-Texas Sales Receipts: + 38.85
+ Total Donations Received: + 76.65

= Total Receipts: $ 262.95
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– Texas Sales Tax On Gross Texas Sales Receipts: 12.08
– 35.85/Qtr Website ISP fee X 2 Qtrs: 71.70

= Operating Gain/Loss*: $ 41.17
* Operating Gain/Loss does not include production
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