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True Revival Begins With True Repentance

On Feb. 29th, 1892, in Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, the US Supreme Court declared: "...this is a Christian nation." The USA was never founded as nor envisioned by its founders to be a theocracy run by any particular church or sect of Christianity. But, as The Court stated in rendering its decision, this nation was nonetheless founded on Christian principles for a people who by-and-large worshiped or at least lived by the precepts of JESUS.

In the years which followed that decision, and with ever increasing ferocity, We The People have left our GOD and gone a-whoring after other gods. In Jeremiah 7:15-18, GOD lets it be known that He has finally had it with His People of that day and tells Jeremiah to stop praying for them...that He will no linger even hear any prayers offered up for them. As at least part of GOD's People of today...have we in The Christian Church in America also crossed that line GOD showed to Jeremiah? If we have...then this fire that is the United States is going to go out. We once were a bright beacon of hope to a lost and dying world. To our disgrace and disdain by many who may now be more righteous than we, these past few years have seen our exports to the world shift from hope to sin.

But, it would appear that GOD is allowing us one more chance. As JESUS through the Apostle John told the church at Ephesus in Revelation He is telling us...His Church in America: "Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place." Notice that the fire on these covers is from above. My fellow Christian, will YOU strive to catch it before it’s too late?

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--Vic Keasler (Pasadena, TX)


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Are You A Christian? Are You Sure? v
Forward vii
Personal Revival One-Page Quick-Start Guide     ix
GOD’s Call To Each Of Us 1
Consider How Far We Have Fallen! 11
GOD’s Idea Of Repentance 27
Start With Personal Repentance 37
Look For Signs Of Personal Revival 51
Enter Church-Wide Repentance 57
Glory In Signs Of Church-Wide Revival 67
Move To National Repentance 73
Watch For Signs Of National Revival 87
The Finish Line Of Encouragement And Hope 95
About The Author 99
Index of Bible References 101
Recommended Reading 105

The sections "Are You A Christian? Are You Sure?" and "GOD’s Call To Each Of Us" are taken, with minor modifications, from the Revival booklet, which you can read, print, and distribute at-will by clicking here.

You can read the "Personal Revival One-Page Quick-Start Guide" by clicking here.

Recommended Reading

You will find good, solid spiritual food in the following:

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards was, perhaps, the premier voice of the First Great Awakening. His famous sermon. Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God, when preached at Enfield, Connecticut in 1741, was attended by such a manifestation of the Holy Spirit that hundreds of the hearers were immediately cast onto the ground in remorseful and tearful conviction and repentance. Anything by Jonathan Edwards is worth the read.

John Bunyan:

John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is second only to the Bible on the English-language best-sellers-of-all-time list, and is an allegorical trip by “Pilgrim” as he makes his salvation journey from “The City Of Destruction” to “The Celestial City”. Journey To Hell is a postmortem on “Mr. Badman”, tracing how he went from a bratty little child with good parents to end up in Hell.

Charles Haddon (C. H.) Spurgeon:

Charles Spurgeon was England’s premier preacher of the latter half of the nineteenth century. Like Edwards, anything by Spurgeon is worth the read.

Brother Lawrence:

Brother Lawrence was a 17th-century French monk who learned to commune with GOD even while peeling potatoes on kitchen duty. The Practice of the Presence of God comes from a series of four interviews by one of his superiors.